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Down memory lane




#1: "Get Out Of My Kitchen"

Probably one of the most famous "quotes" from Harry Styles. While he was on xfactor he had to help making food in the kitchen. While he was making food, one of the cooks just stood beside him, watching him. He told her to move away but she just stood there, then he yelled at her "Get out of my kitchen!" of course this was meant as a joke.

#2: "Vas Happenin?"

One of the most famous quotes from Zayn Malik. I'm not sure how it all started but I'm guessing it was after they did the 'Video Diaries' every week. Zayn started shouting "Vas Happenin" and ever since then, everyone has been saying it. It's sort of his "thing" now, haha! 

#3: "NO! Jimmy Protested!?"

One of the most famous quotes from Louis Tomlinson. During an One Direction Video Diary, Louis was reading a book. While the other band members were talking, Louis suddenly shouted "NO! Jimmy protested". After this happened, it has been mentioned over and over again. Can't seem to get enough of the randomness. 

#4: "POTATO" & other food.

As we all know (most people know) that Niall Horan is obsessed with food.  He either eats food, talks about food or wears it on his awesome t-shirts. He is very much known for his obsession with Nandos! In the picture above, its a gif with him shouting "POTATO!" in an american accent. A very funny moment indeed

#5: "Spoons?"

Liam Payne confessed in an interview that he is afraid of Spoons. A fear of spoons could be called "spoonophobia", since the syndrome has a number of possible causes : the metal in spoons (metallophobia), the fear of embarrassment in the improper use (etiquette), or the sound spoons make in contact with plates or other utensils (hyperacusis). Actual fear of spoons would be called "koutaliaphobia". 

#6: "I Like Girls Who Eat Carrots!"

In a video diary they did in the beginning of xfactor, Louis (as a joke) told everyone that he liked girls who eat carrots. After that he's been receiving a lot of carrots from his fans. Louis + his obsession with carrots is legendary. 

#7: "Trip Down to Madison Avenue"

One Direction did an interview recently where Harry got asked whenever he was dating his music video co-star Madison. Harry didn't reply and the interviewer asked if he had taken the trip down to Madison's Avenue. This joke was put on repeat several times. Never get's old. Both Harry and the other boys laughed at this

#8: "Liam + Turtles"

A long time ago, a fan asked Liam if he could follow her saying, "will you follow me ima turtle." Liam shorty replied after that, "harry doesn't have turtles i used to have turtles but there dead". Ever since then, the fans have loved the joke between liam & his "dead "turtles. 

#9: "Screwing the lightbulb, patting the dog, then going crazy"

One of Louis' famous dancing quotes. While he dances he always does the "Screwing the lightbulb, patting the dog, then going crazy" dance. He mentioned this in a short clip he did for xfactor. Basically what you do is turn your hand, screwing it like a lightbulb. Then you reach out your hand, and start moving it up and down like you are patting a dog. And then you just go crazy!! 










Where can I see the clip where Niall cry?


(He soo Cute! )

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