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Historie en jente fortalte om Paul

This is me & Paul. Let me tell you a little bit about Paul. I met him after meeting Zayn in my hotel lobby. I had gone upstairs to get a scrapbook that i made for the boys that held over 100 letters & messages for them. I asked him if he could give it to them & he told me it was really nice & asked if I would want to give it to them. I told him yes. He told me that if I was in the lobby at 10:30 in the morning I would be able to hand it to Zayn personally. I asked him fir a picture, and he replied "WITH ME?!" He doesnt realize that he is PAUL. Anywho. Yesterday morning I got up early and went downstairs ready to hand my book to Zayn. My luck, 2098849 girls show up & they make us move outside. Paul assured me that I would be able to hand Zayn my book. As the boys came outside, they paused & rushed to their car. Paul, leaving me there, helpless. -At 5:30 or so, I went into One Directions signing. Liam saw my book & looked at me with huge eyes & said "THAT'S A BIG BOOK!!" Preston proceeded to take the book from me, Zayn never saw it. I got to Zayn and handed him a bracelet. That?s when he gave me the BIGGEST, most CARING smile that I have EVER seen. I left the signing & found out that my moms video had not recorded. I cried. Because of that & because Zayn did not see my book. I also cried because I had just met One Direction, the boys I've loved for over a year. About 30 minutes later, Paul came outside. My mom went up to him & he remembered, "You're the one with the book from the hotel! Did you get to hand it to him?" I was obviously too emotional, lol, to answer. So my mom did and explained. Paul looked at me and said Come With Me. He opened the gate & let me through. He took me back into the signing & let me go through the line again. He took my camera & took pictures the whole way through for me. This time I was asked by Liam & Preston if I was okay & I High fived Liam. When I got to Zayn, Paul shouted "Zayn! She's a huge fan!" Zayn looked at me & said "Hey babe." with the SECOND MOST CARIN SMILE I'VE EVER SEEN. I said hey & Paul shouted at him again, "She made a book for you actually, it's big, it's nice" Zayn looked at me with excitement & said "Thank you soooooooo much!" I died & he gave me a high five. Then I got to Niall. He was signing a bunch of CDs & I was waiting to high five him. The man moving the line kept telling me to go. Paul told him I was ok & he called Niall for me. Then Niall have me a high five. I couldn?t believe what had just happened. So now that you know a little bit about Paul. Respect him. Respect him so much. So many people say rude things about him. I can assure you that if anyone wants the best for the boys & their fans, it?s this man. He has such a huge heart. This is Paul & he touched my heart.

Historien: niallneedsmorepotatoes (tumblr)


Har alltid likt Paul, omg, nå elsker jeg han! Åh<3





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