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Louis - "It's incredible to have people show their support when your doing something you love."

Harry - "What's the funniest thing that's happened to us on the X Factor?" Louis - "I broke a pencil in half HAHAHA!"

Louis - "Is this your card?" *pulls card out of hat* Harry - "Oh my god!" Zayn - "Jesus! You got it right!"

Louis - "I think Rebecca's best present was? a barbie doll"

Niall - "He's talking shit, I'm the real deal."

Louis - "Gimme back the card, gimme back the card!" Zayn - "Give him the card!"

Louis - "Now I have brought the boys to the gym. Not that Jim, he's another guy, but THE gym"


Louis - "No! Jimmy protested!"

Harry - "Katie Waissel, often spends hours pinning things to her hair. Here is evidence. Pearls."


Louis - "Hi, we're One Direction and this is Pop, Flop or Fizzle"

Louis - "Harry. Pick a card, any card, don't show me but show the camera"

Liam - "Ooh, sorry, that energy drink was a bit strong?"

Niall - "Personally I wouldn't want to be a food as I wouldn't want to be eaten?"

Zayn - "Vas happenin? You got it as well?" Harry -*shaking too* "I've got it as well!"



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Harry - "Until I find the right girl, I have Louis!"

Niall - "There's no towels in this place, so I just use toilet roll."

Louis - "Thank you very much, from Direction One."

Liam - "One Direction have to do their own ironing, you don?t see Take That doing their own ironing!"

Louis - "My best ever Christmas present was probably.. A subscription to The Fishing Magazine.."

Louis - "I love all the lads, but Harry & I are actual best mates."

Harry - "Why would I ever push Louis off the bed?" Louis - *pushing Harry off the bed* "Hey that's a horrible thing to say!"

Harry - "As you all know, I'm a boy of very few words. Thank you."

Louis + Harry *singing* - "Oh Grandma, what's my name?"

Harry - "How rock and roll were we when we stayed up til half nine." Louis - "And no one tucked us into bed!"

Liam - "This is called a pig in a blanket. Otherwise known as a sausage with bacon around it."

Zayn - "I was so hyperactive that once my mum even took me to the doctor."

Zayn - "Hello?" *Girly voice* Louis- "OH MY GOD ZAYN, I'M LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" Zayn - "Hi Louis"

Harry - "Toast to having presenters with great boobs. Have you seen Dermot's pair?"

Louis - "Liam What Are Your Highlights" "And I'm Not Talking About Your Hair!"

Louis - "This is a tissue." *eats tissue* Liam *Laughs*  -   "Goodbye"

Liam - "Okay, Louis, what about you? Carrots? Lamborghinis?" Louis -  "CARROTTTSSS!" Liam - "Carrots." Louis - "Hehehe!"

Zayn - "My trademark saying is probably: VAS HAPPENIN?"

Louis - "This is the last video diary we're gonna do on the show and".... WAHHHH! *shouts random words*


~ Bea.